Black pepper

Black pepper also referred as Black Gold is the dried mature berry of a shrub called Piper Nigrum. It is considered to be a spice of Indian origin which today is being grown in various other parts of the world. It is widely used in the in cooking mainly due to spicy flavor that it gives when added. It is also used as a preservative in some food items such as pickles. Owing to the health benefits that it provides, black pepper is also widely used in the medicine making process.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf also known as Tej Patta, is sourced from more than just 1 variety of plant. However, true Bay Leaf is scientifically termed as “Laurus Nobilis” which is a small tree believed to produce leaves rich in nutrients. Used from the Roman times, Bay Leaves have been part of the culinary and medical culture for thousands of years.


Cloves, known for its antiseptic and medicinal properties is one of the most used spices in the country. The spice with its unique mix of compounds can either be used in its whole form, ground form or reduced to the form of oil. With the incredible characteristics that it poses, cloves are used to add flavor, color and aroma to food and beverages and also for non-culinary purposes such as traditional medicines.

Star Aniseeds

Star Anise (Illicium verum Hook) is a species of magnolia family that is regarde as the charm of Vietnam. It shape is a feast to the eye and its sharp and sweet flavor a delight to the nose. The oil of star Anise is highly fragrant used in cooking, manufacture of spices, perfumes, soaps, oral products such as toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Ceylon Cinnamon

 Regarded as the queen of Sri Lankan spices, Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and is known for its sweet and warm flavor. The dried inner bark of the Cinnamomum comes to the market in name of Cinnamon and is considered to be one of the most expensive forms of cinnamon across the globe. Due to its ultra luxury nature the product is relatively less price sensitive, thus the focus is majorly on the quality.


Cassia Cinnamon

Vietnam Cassia is a species of Cinnamomum primarily used as a spice due to their aromatic bark.  It is also one of the most common type of cinnamon used in India due to their hot flavor and affordable pricing to the masses. It is used in daily cooking, as well as in the manufacture of various masalas and off late in the bakery industry too. They come in various forms such as

  • Split
  • Broken
  • Whole
  • Pressed