Poppy seeds

Poppy seed is the dried seed of a herb called Papaver Somniferum. Bulk of production happens in Chez Republic, Turkey and France. In India it is popularly known as “Khus Khus” and is used as food and a source of oil, mainly used for culinary purposes. Due to the high presence of nutrients poppy seeds is also used in confectionery. It also possesses certain health benefits such as fights against constipation and also used as a sedative against coughing.

Wood Lichen

Black Stone flower alternatively known as patthar phool or Kalpasi is a kind of lichen mainly found on moist rocks. Its production is generally centered around the South east and North East of the India and is traditionally used in Chettinad food. It’s a rare spices whose consumption has increased in the recent past with companies blend this blackish purple flower while manufacturing masalas.

Long/Wild Pepper

Coming from the same family as pepper it shares resemblances with it in terms of taste. However, the taste of Long pepper is far stronger and hotter than the regular pepper. The spice is an origin of Indonesia and is also grown in India which together constitute the bulk of its production. Early used in Ayurvedic medicines, the use of this spice has now widened to be used in cooking in countries such as India, Indonesia, Nepal, Africa as well as Malaysia.